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The SBC-SAMA5D36 processor module is a small Single-Board-Computer based on the processor ATSAMA5D36A-CU from Atmel. The processor is based on an ARM® Cortex-A5 core running at up to 536 MHz. It includes a variety of functions required for industrial communication applications. 256 MByte DDR2 SDRAM and 512 MByte SLC NAND flash are normally soldered to store code and data. A µSD card socket is provided for further mass storage. The board contains connectors for two Ethernet interfaces; one is a 10/100 Mbit interface and the other a Gbit interface. Two USB 2.0 Host interfaces and one USB 2.0 Device interface are available. A standard PC monitor can be connected to an HDMI connector or bare TFT LCD display can be connected by a 40 way FFC connector. A lot of further peripheral functions are available on two 32- way extension connectors. The board can either be powered from the USB Device interface, from a 5V power supply or by a rechargeable Lithium battery which is controlled by the onboard power management chip.

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