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EtherCAT Master Controller - Talos-3012

  • £1,31500

Intel® Atom™ Processor E3845 1.9 GHz-based EtherCAT Master Controller


The ADLINK Talos-3012 EtherCAT master controller, based on the Intel Atom quad-core processor E3845 1.9 GHz, with IEC-61131-3 compliant syntaxes, delivers reliable control for multiple axes and versatile I/O control supporting specialized real-time applications. The Talos-3012 supports up to 64-axis motion control and 30K points within determined cycle times, and is verified for interoperability with various EtherCAT servo drives and 3rd party EtherCAT products.

The compact size and wide operating temperature support in the Talos-3012 permit installation anywhere in the control cabinet while withstanding the most extreme operating environments.

  • Powered by ADLINK Softmotion
  • Supports IEC-61131-3-compliant programming environment
  • Minimal control cycle time within 250 µs
  • Motion control of up to 64 axes and up to 30,000 I/O points of control
  • Supports EtherCAT COE, FOE as well as EOE protocols
  • Code executable when host Windows system crashed
  • Built-in SD socket for logging manufacturing data
  • 3 user-defined indicators for CTR diagnostic
  • Highly compatible with a wide variety of 3rd party EtherCAT system elements

    ADLINK"s EtherCAT solution has been verified for interoperability with a variety of EtherCAT servo drives and 3rd party EtherCAT products, providing the flexibility to select whichever EtherCAT elements are required. In addition, ADLINK"s Talos series of EtherCAT master controllers and EPS series of EtherCAT slave systems both support CoE, FoE, EoE and AOE, fully utilizing EtherCAT benefits.