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Using an RTOS on Cortex-based microcontrollers

Using an RTOS on Cortex-based microcontrollers

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This course is an introduction to using a small footprint Real Time Operating System on a Cortex-M based microcontroller. Throughout the course we use the CMSIS-RTOS API which is designed to be a standard software interface for operating systems running on Cortex-M microcontrollers. The course is designed as a hands on workshop using the Keil MDK-ARM development software.

Venue: Coventry, UK.  

Cortex-M hardware support

A chance to explore the features provided in the Cortex-M processor to enable efficient use of an RTOS.

RTOS Concepts and the CMSIS-RTOS API

In this section we look at the basic RTOS concepts including Thread based design, prioritising Threads, context switching and the RTOS Kernel.  We also introduce the Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) and the CMSIS –RTOS API specification.

Getting Started

Learn how to set up and configure a first RTOS project and download to a development board and debug.


This section takes a detailed look at the RTOS features available with CMSIS RTOS:

  • Thread and Time Management
  • Signals
  • Semaphore and Mutex
  • Message and Mail Queues
  • Idle Task and Power management
  • RTOS errors and error handling
  • Using the memory protection unit with the MPU

Scheduling and real-time control

Here we look at the scheduling options available with the RTOS Kernel and their implications on program design. We also look at using an RTOS to design a system that includes real time and non real time tasks.

Software Testing with an RTOS

This section introduces a strategy for testing RTOS based applications on Cortex-M devices.

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