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Access Point & Active Terminator for PROFIBUS Networks

Access Point & Active Terminator for PROFIBUS Networks

  • £10300

Interface for providing an access point to test PROFIBUS networks if the D-sub Connectors have no service socket or if the devices are connected via terminal block

  • Allows Testing the Bus During Operation
  • Exchange of Bus Devices at the Beginning or End of the Bus Without Causing Problems on the Bus

The service interface is top hat rail mounted. An external 24 VDC power source is required for power supply to the terminating resistor in the PROFIBUS connector included in the package. The service interface can thus be used as an active bus termination at the beginning or end of the bus. If the PLC allows dropping and adding bus stations on the live bus, the service interface offers the possibility to exchange the first and last bus stations without causing problems on the bus.

Included in the package:
PBMB adapter and 90° angled PROFIBUS connector with switchable terminating resistor, strain relief and screw terminal technology.

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