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ShieldBuddy TC275 - the world's most powerful Arduino™

  • £7900

The ShieldBuddy (currently) the world’s smallest AURIX development board. The ShieldBuddy is fitted with the Infineon TC275 32-bit multicore processor on a board following the Arduino™ standard making it compatible with many of the application shields that are available.

Evaluation licenses for a complete set of development tools are available which makes this kit ideal for getting started on a high end real time embedded industrial or automotive application as well as students and hobbyists.

Some of the features of this board are:

  • Very low cost AURIX TC275 board for professional and hobby use
  • Uses Arduino™ Due/Mega2560 form factor and IO connector pin allocation
  • Safety ShieldBuddy option with on-board CIC61508 safety monitor for use with SafeTlib for high integrity applications
  • Allows instant access for new and prospective AURIX users to over 317 shields
  • Supplied with basic drivers for DS-ADC, SAR, GTM, GPT, CCU6, ASC, LIN, SPI, QSPI, Ethernet
  • Direct USB debug interface
  • Development tools based on HighTec Free AURIX Toolchain and Arduino Processing IDE
  • USB or 9-12V power supply

ShieldBuddy TC275 is also available in boxes of 10 and 25:

Box of 10 (equivalent to £69.30 each) - click HERE
Box of 25 (equivalent to £63.20 each) - click HERE

If you are looking to purchase the ShieldBuddy from OUTSIDE THE UK then please click here.

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