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Building Advanced Applications on Cortex-M Devices using Keil MDK-ARM Middleware

Building Advanced Applications on Cortex-M Devices using Keil MDK-ARM Middleware

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This 2-day course is an introduction to building advanced applications on Cortex M devices using the Keil MDK-ARM Professional Development Software.

This is an instructor-led course delivered by our resident ARM Specialist, Trevor Martin who is also a published author and recognised authority on Cortex-M cores.

It also includes hands-on exercises at all key stages.

Day 1: File System and Networking Components
CMSIS Pack and CMSIS Driver
In this section we look at the CMSIS Pack and CMSIS driver specifications and how they enable the use of configurable software components. We will also see how software components are installed and managed within the Keil MDK-ARM toolchain.

KEIL File System Component
In this section we look at how to configure and use the file system component.

Keil Networking Component
The networking component includes a TCP\IP stack and a wide range of services. This section of the course details how the configure and use the key aspects of the networking component

Day 2: USB and Graphics Component
Keil USB Component

The USB component includes support for USB host and USB device with a range of device classes. This section introduces the USB protocol and details how to use the USB component to build a range of devices.

Segger emWin Graphics Component
The Segger emWin component also you to develop sophisticated graphical interfaces for a wide range of LCD screens. The Segger graphical component provides a 2D graphics library and a PC based GUI designer which includes a wide range of windows objects (wigits).

Designing software components for code reuse
Finally we look at how to develop and deploy your own software components based on the CMSIS pack specification. This is a method of reusing code developed in house across multiple projects to increase development productivity and reliability.

Developing a CMSIS Pack Component
In this section we look at the technology underlying the CMSIS pack specification.

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