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Embedded Android (4 day course)

Embedded Android (4 day course)

  • £2,10000

Android is becoming a popular choice as an embedded operating system, largely because of its great UI and familiar programming interface. Support for Android is available from a wide range of chip, board and module vendors. This course will show you the internal workings of Android, guide you through selecting suitable hardware platforms and teach you how to customize the platform for your own needs.

You will learn how to build Android from source and reflash the system images using fastboot. You will find out how to lock-down the UI to create a single-purpose “kiosk mode” application, and how to access external hardware from Android apps, using JNI. You will learn about the Android security framework and how to reduce the chances of the device becoming compromised. There are modules on how SurfaceFlinger renders graphics for various displays, and on the all-important topic of debugging and profiling the final system.

Roughly half of the course is taken by hands-on lab sessions during which you will apply the theory to create an embedded Android device, based on the popular and readily available BeagleBone Black.

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