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Energy Manager EM 300

Energy Manager EM 300

  • £29900

The B-control EM 300 is designed for industry applications. The unit collects and records the following measuring values:


  • Active power
  • Reactive power
  • Apparent power
  • Total and single phases
  • Lead voltage
  • Lead current
  • Power factor


An integrated webserver and and 4 GByte storage capacity fulfill the desire for a distributed database concept. The data are automatically transmitted via the Modbus TCP to the software in slave operation. Also as a back-up these are available in the unit at all times. By using the Modbus TCP interface the easy integration of other analysis programs is enabled.

Each phase can be directly processed in 63 A. For higher currents, external converters are used. For the latter, typical nominal currents are 100, 150, 250 or even 500 A.

With its excellent measuring precision and built-in memory, the B-control EM offers a professional solution in measurement technology. The user price is also very convincing.

Additionally, the second Modbus RTU interface allows for a direct connection of a maximum of 92 current sensors. With the current sensors a maximum of 63 A can directly be measured. Thanks to this topology, the installation of the measuring systems in distribution boxes or top-hat rails is easy and quick. For the implementation of the Modbus TCP interface, the available Ethernet connections can be used.


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