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EtherCAT Coupler and 5 slot chassis

  • £26000

ADLINK’s EPS slave system features modular design for flexible high channel density, rugged
construction, easy maintenance, and intelligent performance, compatible with 3rd party EtherCAT
products. Precise time-deterministic control enables I/O synchronization for critical applications,
and FPGA and ARM technology allow users to fully monitor status of EPS modules and systems,
including operating temperature and usage cycle of relay switching, as well as motion control
status for general purpose motor drive control. In addition, the ADLINK EtherCAT configurator
enables auto-scan and configuration across EtherCAT systems.
The EPS’ unique structural and electronic design supports hot-swappable function, reducing
repair time, and the rugged construction and operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C allow
operation in the harshest environments.

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