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FIM-110 FF

FIM-110 FF

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Preassembled Interface Module for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Integration

The FIM-110 FF facilitates the integration of FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) into legacy plants and Modbus control systems. It is delivered ready-to-use and allows powering the connected field devices via its power supply.

Training Videos:

  • FF Integration Into Existing Plants
  • Implementation of Additional FF Functionality
  • Minimal Wiring Effort


Ready-To-Install FF Integration

The FIM-110 FF provides the functionality of an FF interface module to plant operators and system integrators. It allows including up to four FF H1 segments with as many as 64 field devices into Modbus RTU based legacy plants or into control systems supporting Modbus TCP. The FIM-110 FF contains the Softing gateway and Linking Device FG-110 FF, but also includes additional components required for an interface module like power conditioners or an RS232/RS485 interface converter for Modbus communication, all within one housing.

Access Point for Using Additional Functionality in FF Segment

The FIM-110 FF can be used as a key component for implementing additional automation functionality in the FF section of the plant. For instance, asset management systems e.g. Emerson's AMS) and Field Device Tool (FDT) frame applications (e.g. SMART VISION, FieldMate, Field Device Manager, FieldCare or PACTware) can be included using the FIM- 110 FF as access point. Thus remote tasks such as setting individual parameters of field devices connected to the FF network, determining the actual device status, or accessing available alarms and events of these devices can be performed based on the FIM-110 FF.

Minimal Wiring Effort Due to Possible Mounting Close to the Process

The FIM-110 FF comes with an IP65 rated housing. Together with the appropriate available certificate for use in explosive environments, this allows field-mounting the module close to the process. As a result, only minimized cabling is required.

Use Cases

Use with Modbus RTU Based Legacy System
Use with Control System Supporting Modbus TCP

Dimensional Drawing

All dimensions are given in millimeters [mm].

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