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FLEXEPC-4000 - FlexRay Industrial PC/Datalogger

  • £1,48600

The FLEXEPC-4000 series is a fanless, embedded FlexRay enabled Industrial computer based on the Intel® Atom™ D510 dual-core processor to offer greater computing power for your applications. 

The FLEXEPC-4000 series features an Intel® Atom™ D510 dual-core 1.66 GHz processor to boost its performance Its additional PCI slot give you the possibility to integrate off-the-shelf PCI card and develop a configurable application platform. Built-in isolated DIO channels are provided for general industrial control. Its LVDS output on the front panel allows you to directly connect to a LCD panel. The FLEXEPC-4000 also provides two eSATA ports to enable the capability of either expanding storage capacity or using hot swappable SATA drives.

 Leveraging a reliable fan-less and durable cable-less design, the FLEXEPC-4000 series exhibits excellent dependability in harsh environments, where severe temperature variation and vibration may exist. The FLEXEPC-4000 series provides an optional hot-pluggable fan module to dissipate heat generated within the system when high power consumption PCI cards are installed. This ingenious mechanical design retains a cable-less structure which dramatically improves thermal stability when PCI cards are installed.

With the supplied drivers for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (each 32/64 bit) customer-specific applications can be programmed using C++ or .NET. Example applications in C++ and C # enable an easy and fast start. 

For users upgrading from CAN to FlexRay, a FlexRay configuration tool is included in the scope of delivery enabling an easy control of the large number of FlexRay communication parameters. After entering a few parameters, such as cycle time, number of messages and length, the tool automatically calculates the dependent parameters and creates a file to configure the FlexRay protocol chips.

Users who have a FIBEX file of the FlexRay network can directly configure the FLEXEPC-4000 by using the configuration data from the FIBEX file.

With FlexRay capability at a cost effective price the FLEXEPC-4000 series offers users the capabilities for Industrial Data-logging and Analysis at less than the cost of some FlexRay interfaces on their own.

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