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Topaz TPZ-1301 Medical Computer

  • £47200

The Topaz TPZ-1300 is the first in ADLINK's new family of intelligent health care platforms. Based on the Intel® Atom™ D2550 (TPZ-1301) and Intel® Atom™ N2600 (TPZ-1302) processors, excellent computing performance and outstanding power conservation are assured. A fanless and cable-free structure provides extended durability for long-term usage, reaulting in a noiseless solution satisfying stringent medical application requirements. The TPZ-1300 significantly benefits system integrators with an innovative space-saving compact configuration and rich I/O design for maximum flexibility.

An internal PCI Express Mini Card socket and USIM slot team to support a variety of extension functions, such as wireless connection (3G/WiFi/BT), video capture, Secure Access Modules (SAM), and many others.

Abundant I/O interface support makes the TPZ-1300 an ideal building block for Nursing Information, Picture Archiving Communication, Medication Automation, and Medical Administration systems, both mobile and fixed. No direct patient contact is required, with the TPZ-1300 housed largely in a system-based locale, and superior performance as a controller for the systems outlined greatly benefits nursing and medical personnel in clinical environments.

The TPZ-1300 is IEC/EN-60601 certified, and ADLINK is an ISO-13485 approved manufacturer.

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